Noise and Propaganda Government

Even though 2014 is not an electoral year, the government assumes it as such. They always overlap the popularity to the good government, they always put any phrase on a tweet (because now they don’t even bother to make declarations or give interviews) and they make the public opinion believe that they are taking actions, when the facts demonstrate the contrary.

Acting Performance and Reality

Famous faces remind us or show us the reality.  It’s normal that they do so through their acting performances and that’s why we watch movies, series, documentaries or TV shows which may make us feel, in the flesh, what the plot wants to convey.  But today, we have lost one of the most famous and loved faces of the country, reminding us that, only in one year, 25 thousand persons have been killed by criminals.  I don’t dare to use the term “common” upon referring to such criminals because we resist the idea of considering part of our normal life.  It is neither common nor we are condemned to live like this.

Inflation with no make-up

The last news of year 2013 makes us dedicate today’s lines to this phenomenon: inflation has also become part of the long list of things undergoing cosmetic interventions in Venezuela!


The neoliberals are the most socialist

Days ago the Propaganda and Censorship minister (whose formal position is Communication and Information Minister) seemed to be very upset and uncomfortable in an interview that he had in an international channel when he was asked who advised president Maduro on the communicational subject. We have always known that transparency is not a principle that we can grant to this government. On the contrary, they love mystery.

Without the devil’s visit

The government acts with the arrogance of those who think that power is eternal. The TSJ interpreted according to what was best for the governmental party and not according to what the Constitution says. It put up an institutional semblance to impose its bosses will disregard legal dispositions. They intend to apply Band-Aids to lower the public’s opinion pressure and to distract the attention of the world without wanting to recognize the roots of the problem. And the thing is that we all know that what we are living is not normal. It cannot be so, when the one who was elected in the past presidential elections has not been able to assume power. Situation that is addressed according to the power conflicts that rule inside the PSUV without respecting the laws and the peoples will.