Dialogue usurpation

Throughout our lives we keep having examples regarding the power of words.  There is neither an unnecessary word nor an unintentional word.  Nowadays, even the intonation counts.  For such reason, we consider so illustrative the phrase at the beginning of these lines, included in the speech made by the Attorney General of the Republic during the euphemism called Peace Conference organized by Miraflores.  


Repression with no shortcuts

We have lived dark days, terrible for the democratic history of Venezuela.  It’s been difficult and sad days for all.  Some of us have been witnesses; many others have been victims, of the wrath of power, of the cruelties of police and military authorities and of the independent actions of paramilitary groups.  We are outraged by the silence of the Ombudsman’s Office (Defensoría del Pueblo), but we are even more alarmed by the consecutive, recurrent and massive manifestation of terms which had been suppressed from the collective imagination vocabulary since a long time ago.  Many of terms used within the set of circumstances giving rise to this regime have emerged and are used against people in light of the silence of institutions. 

Inequalities that weigh upon a nation

At the end of 2013, many journals, magazines, personalities, recognized Pepe Mujica, Uruguay’s President, as person of the year, for taking the most a vanguard initiatives since the beginning of the century and for applying them in his country. In spite of his age and all his lived, from which he learned and acquired a great wisdom, Mujica builds an example that breaks paradigms, with his progressive positions that has defied schemes and pigeonholing. His challenge: to defeat inequality, reduce political, economic and social gaps. His way: preaching by examples, fulfilling his promises and working day by day to serve the people that chose him.

One more week

Times cannot be recovered and, in the case of countries, wasted times are even more painful and serious.  Our country and this government have an undeniable accomplishment: being an expert in losing fantastic opportunities which would have led us to economic success, to the development of our citizenship, to the development of our potentialities, allowing us to be in equal conditions of our Latin American neighbors instead of what’s happening now, that we sometimes aspire or envy their achievements. 


A True Revolution

On February 4th, a part of country celebrated a Coup d’état which attempted against the democracy of the 90’s, which, despite of all its wrongs and rights, its successful programs and wrong policies, its leaders and adversaries, was the government elected by the majority of Venezuelans at that time.  They celebrated, 22 years later, a crime which they are still proud of committing.  Under the premise that the country claimed for a change, a better government and street power, the opted for using the weapons instead of overcoming difficulties through democratic means.  Weapons on top of the power of citizens.

Victims of the system

We, the Venezuelan people, have been living, and sometimes surviving, in the midst of misguided policies, errors which have cost lives and the future of the country, lost opportunities, speeches packed with messages that worsen the crisis and a long etcetera that has been going on for more than fifteen years.