The political heroism of venezuela

Today we want to reiterate our position and share a few thoughts about the Venezuelan political life and the imminent threats we have to deal with during these harsh and despairing times for the political life of a country.  Institutional crisis, such as the one we experienced in the 90’s, create a crack which facilitates the infiltration of false leaders who are an ode to anti-politics and to the “let them all go”.  These experiences have gone really bad throughout history worldwide.  An aggressive speech connected to the circumstances does not mean that someone is prepared for taking over the responsibility of directing a society.  Italy, in order to provide a recent example, currently suffers from the consequences of such adventures resulting from the political and leadership crisis.  Spain, in turn, is at the edge of an abyss for such same crisis.  Citizens don’t find answers to their concerns within the country’s political sector and seek refuge elsewhere, not necessarily the most ideal place.  Indeed, we have 14 years suffering from the results of decisions taken at the edge of despair for not finding a place within the society, for not identifying ourselves or having hope on anybody.


Dialogue as a rule, not as an exception

There are ordinary things that become extraordinary on us.  Sitting at a same table the representatives from both the government and the opposition was only possible because the act was broadcasted simultaneously at all TV and radio stations nationwide and thanks to the intermediation of UNASUR and the Church, which have accompanied us as witnesses in good faith throughout this serious crisis.  Is this normal? No.  Was it necessary to reach this point? Never.  We have no doubt about it.  We have a great responsibility towards the future of our country, to keep on playing the game of not acknowledging each other.       


On the meeting with the other

In several occasions, we have reiterated the need for acknowledging the other in order to solve the country’s problems.  In this line of thought, we should review the reflection work by Kapuscinski on meeting with the other.


Challenges of a system

A week ago, Spain lost one of the most important men for that country during the last half of the 20th century.  Such unpleasant coincidence gives us the chance to review and reflect on the hard historical processes and challenges to which the democratic system is permanently subject. 

Figures that are persons

A reality that we must not forget nor should it be stuffed in a trunk of memories, or framed as a chapter of our history. They are terrible numbers that denote a dangerous reality. Venezuelans that will forever carry the mark of power abuse, of arbitraries, of arrogance, of what is most terrible in human beings. Venezuelans with life stories, achievements, dreams, families, friends, affects, that just because they went out to protest, saw and suffered in their own flesh the purpose of crushing their opinion, of mocking their criteria, of quieting their voice.


Dialogue with an agenda

The country’s situation requires and claims order and seriousness by the different political and governmental leaders for trying to achieve a series of actions which help us overcome this economic situation, which is getting worse every day, and the political conflict that is dragging us all.