Water for the Cat

Water for the Cat

They have taken measures of terror instead of governing measures. Holding onto power, at any cost, is still the driving force behind every decision taken by this government and they avoid democracy like a cat avoids water.

No finger can hide the sun

In the era of communications and immediacy, at times in which the formerly called “glass face magician” has multiplied through all possible formats, we ended up being ruled by a group of people obsessed with image and propaganda.  Just by seeing the example of the multimillionaire campaign “Maduro is the people” (“Maduro es pueblo”) in billboard, radio and TV spots in order to understand which the government’s priorities are.  In what they spend the oil barrels we produce. 


Times prevail

We have all gone through times in which we must make commitments and take decisions that will leave a mark on our lives and those of the persons close to us for life.  Politicians are not an exception in this.  But the decisions and responsibilities they undertake affect the lives of many people, as well as the life and fate of a country.


More than politics, values

The problem is human. Without any doubt. We the Venezuelans have been mixed up in a quagmire dynamic, each time that we believe that we cannot be worst something happens that takes us to the deepest. That makes us feel isolated, misunderstood, trying to find answers, explanations. We do not understand such impudence, so much abuse and so much inequality before the law.


Four months ago…

Let’s imagine a country where citizens, upon talking about the future, describe a developed country, with great roads, safe, where young people have real opportunities for progressing, development and independence, where the elderly enjoy their days with their families and with no sacrifices, with quality employment opportunities for all, with an excellent school facilities and the best teachers, with major technological advances and health centers where everything works properly.  That’s the panorama anyone would wish for their country. 



Acknowledging that mistakes are being made, trying to find out why and what should not be done and, above all, making diagnostics, finding different and better solutions than those implement.  Problem solving must go through this process.  And that’s precisely the reason why our country is more and more immersed in a deep social and economic crisis since many years ago: the government makes mistakes in every diagnostic and doesn’t get right any solution.