Change makes its way

Brazil was an example of economic and social growth. Home to several important events during the last decade: Pan-American Games, Military World Game, Rio+20, Youth World Cup, World Cup and the Olympics Games in 2016. So much noise was silencing the voice of its people that were claiming for a change. On June 2013, the streets were filled with protesters due to the increase in public transportation. Nobody was able to foresee it. And since that day, nothing has been the same.

The Higher Danger

Every day there is more people that are losing interest on politics. That do not care what their governors have to offer them. That cry out so loud so they can be heard, that they do not only find in protests and, at times, even in the irrationality, their only ways to express themselves. Quite rightly has the Canadian Michael Ignatieff affirmed that “when the government does not treat its citizens with respect, these conclude that the least they have to do with it, the better.”

Traps, sleights and antidotes

The trammels and electoral abuses are not exclusive things of our country. The sleights to take power and stray there at any cost seem to be very similar. The antidote for this seems to be and must be the same.


Votes as license

Some of our region’s governments have endeavored in obviating reality and have intended to govern by skipping and avoiding public opinion and the people’s claims, as if the votes that were once given to them can be used as a license that authorizes everything.

Magic-less Realism

During this week there weren’t any good news for the continent. According to a Cepal report, there are 167 millions of Latin-Americans that today live in poverty. It is alarming to see such realities like this one nowadays, after living years of economic wealth, government changes, and new politics. The debts remain the same.


Abuses to democracy

Regarding matters of elections and rules to limit political rights, there are no limits in some of the region’s countries (including our Venezuela). There are governments that have a never-ending imagination to finish political dissent. It is worthwhile to begin this reflection taking a little look in to what is going on in our neighborhood. This week, amidst the local elections that will take place in Bolivia, another experience has been lived, which reminds us that the transparency of electoral laws and its implementation are the major creators of irregularities during electoral processes.